Third Level Assessment – Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Assessment

Water Quality

Water quality on the main stem of the Petitcodiac has been monitored by the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance as part of their basin wide water monitoring program, which has data going back to 2005. The 2021 results are presented in Table 2 (Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance 2022). The PWA maintains a fixed monitoring site on the upstream side of the Route 112 bridge over the main stem of the Petitcodiac at Salisbury.  Other relevant sites for water as it enters the main stem are available from: Little River (Route 112 Bridge); Pollett River (Powers Pitt Road); the Anagance River (Mill Road); and the North River (885 Bridge at Intervale). Being a single site within this portion of the watershed there is a limited amount that can be concluded from it, however taken together with these other sites more can be gained.  Located just below where the photo in Figure 18 was taken, this area is essentially where the fresh water transitions into the estuary, and this site provides insight to conditions upstream.  The fact this location has been monitored continuously by the PWA for years also provides significant time depth.