Fourth Level Assessment – Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation Plan

Dump Site Clean Up

Illegal dumping is a problem within the Little River watershed.  What is found tends to be construction material and household items, rather than hazardous materials.  Nonetheless this material degrades the environment.  The solution is for it to be collected and properly disposed of. Several locations where such illegal dumping has been taking place were identified (Figure 17) and were addressed, resulting in the removal and transport of waste to the Eco 360 Waste Management Facility in Moncton.


This site is located on retired farmland and contained evidence of historical dumping, consisting of many antique items. This site revealed 3 broken down golf carts and numerous amounts of partially decomposed metals from cans and appliances. A total of 480 kg was removed from this site in 2022.

Synton/Nixon Road(s), Turtle Creek

This is an active illegal dump site spread over a large area. Figure 32 was photographed after previous clean up efforts in the area. It had to be revisited as it was by far the largest dump Fort Folly Habitat Recovery teams observed in 2021. Unfortunately, regardless of previous efforts this site had newly compiled garbage from multiple dumps. Figure 33 shows a portion of this site before and after clean up. Over the course of the 2022 field season teams would continuously return to the site and fresh deposits would be discovered. The contents of waste at this site varied and could contain anything from children’s toys to animal carcasses. A total of 2,600 kg was removed from this site during 2022.

Figure 32: Synton/Nixon site in 2022 despite having been previously cleaned up
Figure 33:Portion of the Synton/Nixon site in 2022 before and after a clean up effort.