The FFHR Team has been involved with fry releases for many years on iBOF rivers in Fundy National Park, the Petitcodiac river/estuary and the Pollett river.  Fry releases conducted during the spring of 2011 saw the introduction of an estimated 500,000 fry into the Pollett river.  The rotary screw trap (RST) that was implemented on the Pollett river for the spring/summer seasons from 2012 to 2015 are to monitor these fry releases in the form of a smolt run.  The Pollett river branches off of the Petitcodiac river, being stocked with juvenile salmon populations, and it is our hope that this will help begin the process of the return of the iBOF Atlantic salmon to the Petitcodiac river and its watershed.

The Spring of 2016 saw the release of 50,000 fry in the Petitcodiac watershed. Transported in by way of truck and xactic tank, the fry were then delivered to the river on the back of a sided by side and divided into 11 buckets, distributed over 2km of river.

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11 Aug 2016

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