On October 4th 2017, 128 mature adult salmon were released into the Petitcodiac watershed. With permission from homeowners, we were able to access 2 pools on the Pollett River. We would like to thank both landowners and their families for their continued support and generosity for the use of their property. A big thank you to our partners who helped: Cooke Aquaculture (especially Matt, Stan, Barry, Corey and Tim for all their hard work!), Fundy National Park and ACFFA; as well as other organizations C&P, DNR, AMEC, NCC, Mayor of Petitcodiac, and a member from Alaina Lockhart’s Office for helping and attending. A huge thank you to other interested parties, landowners and volunteers for helping and participating in the release and of course, thank you to the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation for their continued support and funding, without it this amazing day would not be able to happen!

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7 Nov 2017

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