Second Level Assessment- Current Impacts

Urban Development

There is no large urban centre within the Pollett, though along some of the more populated sections of the river, portions of private woodlots have been subdivided and sold as building lots for recreational properties such as camps (Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance 2009). In addition to the damage to the riparian buffer that results from adding new access roads, camp construction and clearing for lawns and views of the river, there is significant potential for sewage contamination if septic systems are poorly maintained.

Local Governance Reform by the Province (Government of New Brunswick 2023b) divided the Pollett watershed between 2 local governments: Salisbury (from the mouth of the river up to a short distance below the Sanitorium Rd Bridge) and The Community of Three Rivers (almost all of the watershed above that to a short distance above the Church Hill Rd. Bridge). The headwaters above that up to the Kings County line as well as the Pollett side of Gowland Mountain remain unincorporated parts of Southeast Rural District RD 7, while Mechanic Lake is in Kings Rural District RD 8.