Second Level Assessment- Current Impacts

Agricultural Practices

Non-forest Land Use data obtained from the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources (2014) shows  31.6% of the watershed used for purposes other than forestry (Figure 4).  Agricultural dominates, covering 26.5% of the basin (Figure 5).  More land in the North River basin is dedicated to agriculture than in Demoiselle Creek, Pollett River and Little River combined (Department of Natural Resources in 2014).  Land use is classified as: Settlement (4.63 km² or 1.75% of the basin), Industry (2.09 km² or 0.79% of basin), Crops & Grains – including hayfields ( 60.49 km² or 22.85% of basin), Pasture (9.28 km² or 3.5% of basin), Blueberry production (0.06 km² or 0.02%). 2 golf courses (1.26 km² or .48%).

Figure 4: Non-forest land use in the North River watershed.