Third Level Assessment– Aquatic and Riparian Habitat

Water Quality

The Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance has been monitoring water quality within the Petitcodiac Watershed with the help of government organisations and volunteers since 1997, and has been collecting its own monthly water quality data since 1999 (Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance 2022). That being the case their data set has decades of time depth available for comparisons. PWA collects from a single fixed monitoring site, near the mouth of the Pollett River, the logic being to provide an indication of conditions for the entire watershed upstream of that point. Greater resolution would be challenging, as PWA also conducts similar monitoring for numerous other tributaries distributed across the Petitcodiac and Memramcook watersheds. The location on the Pollett monitoring site is the same pool where striped bass have been seen (Figure 8). Data is collected monthly from May to October, measuring a range of parameters including those focused on below in Table 3: Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, pH, and Temperature.

Table 3: Water Quality on the Pollett River in 2021 (Petiticodiac Watershed Alliance 2022)