Fourth Level Assessment- Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation Plan

2022 Bank Stabilization

Pollett, below the Sanitorium Rd bridge at Riverglade, 2022 (Private Landowner)

A private landowner financed their own bank stabilization project on the Pollett in 2022 to protect their house, which was in danger of being lost to the river. They did so working independently with the same consulting partner that designs projects for FFHR , 5R Environmental Consulting.  The physical work for this project was carried out by a contractor who the landowner hired to implement the design 5R developed for them. It would have undergone to the same regulatory and permitting process a projects done by FFHR or the PWA. FFHR won’t be doing formalized monitoring at this site since it isn’t an FFHR project.  That said, this portion of the river gets visited with some regularity as a few hundred metres upstream is a site FFHR monitors annually as part of its long-term electrofishing to document the response of the fish community river to the opening of the Petitcodiac Causeway, and iBoF Atlantic salmon recovery efforts.

Figure 29: 2022 Project undertaken by private landowner to protect their house on a failing riverbank