With the help of Fundy Salmon Recovery partners, Fort Folly Habitat Recovery released over 800 mature inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon (plamu) into the Pollett River earlier this month. These fish were collected as juveniles from the Petitcodiac watershed, then transported to the World’s First Wild Salmon Conservation Farm on Grand Manan Island, NB. These salmon spent approximately a year and a half growing to maturity at the conservation farm before being transported and released back into their natal watershed. The hope is that these mature adults will spawn naturally, producing offspring to help continue the Fundy Salmon Recovery cycle.

Our release ceremony on October 13th was a celebration of the success that Fundy Salmon Recovery has seen in recent years. This collaboration has been dedicating efforts to innovate and advance marine rearing techniques, develop cutting-edge research, foster and share ways of knowing, and increase jobs in conservation. This work has led to numbers of naturally returning and spawning Atlantic salmon in participating rivers not seen in decades. We are thankful to project partners Parks Canada, Cooke Aquaculture, Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association, the University of New Brunswick and the province of New Brunswick for their support in the Fundy Salmon Recovery project as well as their support in this year’s ceremonial release.

Published by

Fort Folly Habitat Recovery

23 Oct 2023