Caity Brawn

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Caity Brawn, B.Sc. Honours Environmental Science (Minors Biology & Geography)

Caity is a Field Technician that has been working with Fort Folly since May 2017. She was hired on as an intern under an Eco Canada grant. In her first field season Caity gained experience working on the Pollett River RST, developing and implementing a Wood Turtle habitat assessment protocol, electrofishing, snorkel surveys and more. She is excited that spring is officially here and that field season is just around the corner!

Where are you from?
I spent the first 19 years of my life in the suburbs of London, Ontario. As a kid some of my best memories come from time spent escaping the city with my family on camping, hiking, canoeing, and biking adventures all over Ontario. My outdoor exposure continued through my teen years as I went to a downtown high school where I was able to participate in an Environmental Leadership semester in grade 11. This program was my introduction to work with species at risk where we were able to explore conservation efforts on a variety of snake and turtle species. I then moved to New Brunswick in 2013 to attend Mount Allison University and fell in love with the Maritimes! My 2.5 year old dachshund Frankie and I now call Sackville home.

Previous Jobs?
My first two jobs were at two different Tim Horton’s when I was 15 and 16. I then worked at a restaurant-bowling alley-pool hall-bar-extraordinaire called Palasad as a food runner and eventually a server. In university I spent my spare time working as a residence assistant, teaching assistant, student success intern, and tutor. I also spent one summer working as a barista and tram guide/operator in Jasper, and briefly on a grilled cheese truck in Vancouver. Now, I spend my weeks with FFHR, and weekends bartending at Ducky’s in Sackville.

Workplace Standard First Aid with CPR C & AED
Swiftwater Safety Rescue Training
ATV Training Course
CABIN Certification
Electrofishing Training & Certification
Wood Turtle Rapid Assessment training

Why Get Involved in Environmental Conservation?

Working in environmental conservation seemed like a natural fit for someone passionate about environmental issues who also can’t get enough time outdoors. Being able to go to work and know that what we have accomplished as a team on any given day is going to contribute to the conservation of a species, restoration of an area/ecosystem, or engage the community in conservation is invaluable. It also doesn’t hurt that most days end with dirty hands!

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18 Apr 2018