The 2016 field season is in full swing and began on May 2nd with the Big Salmon River and Pollett River smolt wheels installed and fishing, and a couple days later the Little River and Pollett River fyke nets were installed and fishing. Crews are working 7 days a week at both sites and the BSR folks are seeing a good smolt run this season with over 800 smolt caught. The Pollett and Little Rivers are running much slower than last year but to date, 4 smolt have been caught, a couple trout and a small number of eels. (also documented in the nets are gaspereau, suckers, dace, and frogs)

The fish-net trap was installed and fishing May 17th and is catching a fair number of gaspereau, a few trout, smelt, suckers and shad.

This year we have a student from NBCC Miramichi doing her student practicum and she has been busy learning how to sample eels and smolts, as well as operating the smolt wheel and fyke nets. It has been a pleasure having her work with us thus far!

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Fort Folly Habitat Recovery

25 May 2016