We are very pleased to announce that the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation have approved $30,000 in funding for our project “Restoring endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon to the Petitcodiac River” for 2016. This project will support Fort Folly’s efforts to apply a new approach to salmon restoration: raising wild captured salmon smolt to maturity in sea cages at our dedicated site in Dark Harbour, Grand Manan. The release of mature adults raised in this manner will allow them to spawn naturally in the river, producing the next generation of salmon free from captive exposure. The ASCF have generously been providing the program with funds for the past several years, since we began work on the Petitcodiac, ensuring the program’s ability to continue its recovery efforts for the endangered inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon.

Published by

Fort Folly Habitat Recovery

30 Mar 2016