Summer Activities Update

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August 2015

As summer moves on the Recovery staff has been busy doing many field activities! Some of these include culvert surveys, electrofishing, beach seining, working the fyke nets, and conducting snorkel surveys. These are made possible with the help of staff from the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance, Fundy National Park and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Some insight about our newest activity: Beach Seining

One end of a seine net (also referred to as a wing) is walked out into the water in a big arc then swooped back in to shore while staff on shore walk with the other end of the net to meet the other wing. This carrels fish in to a bunt or bag where they are captured and can be identified/processed. The top of the net has floats while the bottom is weighted down to ensure it has constant contact along the bottom so fish cannot escape.

On July 28th FFHR staff met with DFO’s Rod Bradford in Dorchester Cape to conduct a beach seine. Staff learned how to properly set up, drag/tow the seine net, how to dismantle/clean it as well as proper safety procedures and fish identification.  To see how our training day went, check out the pictures in our photo gallery



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